My Thoughts Today.

I love my girlfriend. She’s not just my girlfriend she is my bestfriend. Everything feels so right when I am with her, and everything seems so hard when I’m not. We can’t see each other very often and that’s why I spend so much time with her when we can, I love making memories with her. When I was in the shower today I was thinking about us. How the next four months without seeing her are going to go. I don’t want to be with anybody else. I never want to be with anybody else and I genuinely mean that. It’s funny to me that when I thought about being without her how I would still be loyal to her even though there’s no guarantee she would return that loyalty. I have never genuinely loved another person like I love her, I probably never will again and if I’m being perfectly honest I don’t want to. I only want to love her for as long as I live. If you’re reading this you probably think I’m insane for saying that. I’m only 19, I’ve barely lived, I have yet to experience so much in this world and to say that I want to give the rest of my life to someone else might seem stupid, but it’s truly how I feel about her. It’s going to take a lot of time for that to happen, more time than I would like, but I have to endure because I know what I will have waiting for me at the end of this distance. I wonder if she knows just how serious I am when I say, “I will always love you whether we’re together or not.” I believe she does. I know she is the only girl I want and the only girl I will ever need in my life. I pray that the Lord keeps her with me through good times and bad. Through fights and mistakes. Through breakups and make ups. I hope she is always with me.


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