My thoughts Today.

She is my everything. Honestly and truly she is. She is the catalyst for my happiness. She is the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful human being on God’s green Earth. I never want to be without her. My prayer’s every night are about her. My love for her, my desire to keep her in my life forever, and the strength to remain committed in a relationship. Which is what I struggle with the most. I don’t desire other women, she is all that I want and need in order to be happy, just being in a relationship is hard because I have never experienced this before. I’m in a situation where I can’t see the person I love as much as I would like because we are a part for months at a time. I see it as an obstacle. Something that needs to be overcame. Four months is nothing compared to the rest of our lives together, and that is something that I look forward to and think about every single day. Just being able to hold her and tell her I love her, to be able to mess around and dance with her and cook for her. To be able to marry her. I look forward to these things and so many others. I look forward to having her all to myself after three and a half more years of this distance. She is more than worth the wait.


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