I never knew what it meant to feel this way,

To miss someone every second of every day.

I’d wait an eternity to be with you,

I do not care what we go through.

My heart is yours forever more,

I cannot wait for what lies in store.

For you and I when this distance ends,

And I’m swallowed up in your arms again.

My love is genuine and forever true,

I pray I always stay in love with you.

No place is too far and no time is too long,

I will always be yours no matter how long you are gone.

You have given me so much in so little time,

As long as I have you I will always be fine.

Forgive my mistakes if ever make them,

Any old bad habits I will work to break them.

This love that we have is so pure with no lies,

I would much rather die than say goodbye.

My chest hurts everyday and this is a fact,

Because I gave you my heart but please don’t give it back.

No matter how much it hurts no matter how great the pain,

Right by your side is where I shall remain.

Even if you chose to walk away,

I will always love you until my dying day.

I would pray every night that one day you will see,

Where you belong is right next to me.

We are the happiest when we are together,

That’s why I pray we stay this way forever.


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