A Letter To You.

Dear My Love,

I’ll be honest, almost all of me wanted to write “Dear My Wife” at the beginning just now. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we aren’t married yet. When my cousin asked me, “Why is her name ‘❤️ My Wife ❤️’ in your phone? Y’all aren’t married…” To which I simply responded, “Not yet.” I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. I get so excited just talking to you, or seeing your face when we FaceTime. I love everything about you. Honestly everything about you. To say I would do anything for you is an understatement. I would walk to the end of the Earth and back just to see you for a day. I mean I did walk in -2 degree weather to see you for 5 hours, and I would do it again and again and again if I could. I feel bad. When my auntie asked me, “Do you think she’s the one?” I should have screamed out “I know she is!” instead of having a giant grin on my face and saying softly, “Yeah I think she is.” I do want to marry you. I want to marry you and stay married to you until the day that I die. That’s what I desire and am willing to work towards. I’d work forever for a chance to be married to you. There is not anyone I would rather give my heart, life and soul to other than you. I don’t care about any of that other stuff that they tell me I should be doing in college. Like hooking up and all that stupid stuff. I just want you. I just want to be with you and if that means distance then that means distance. If that means we break up and get back together then that’s what happens. I will go through anything as long as I can go through it with you, because I love you. I know I’m not perfect. I have a couple flaws that I wished I didn’t have and I work on them and pray about them almost every single day. I will do whatever is necessary to be with you always. You are worth that, and so much more, to me. I pray that I am blessed enough, strong enough, and worthy enough to become your husband one day. I love you. With all of my heart and all of my soul.

Sincerely with Love,



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