While My Head Is Clear.

I love you. I’m always going to love you and only you. I want to. No matter what happens. No matter what I say, or you say. Whether we stay together forever like I pray for, or we break up a few times and find each other again. I’m always going to love you. I know I can’t guarantee everything. I wish I could guarantee you everything. But I can guarantee a few things. I guarantee that I will always love you. I guarantee I will always be in love with you. I guarantee that I want and plan to spend the rest of my life with you as my wife. I guarantee that I won’t let what goes on in my head affect us. I guarantee you are the most important person in my life and I want you to always be. I believe you will always be. My dream is to always be with you. Everyday, for the rest of my life. I want to make that happen. In my perfect world you would always be there for me, just like I will always be there for you. That’s the connection that we have. That’s the connection that I want to have with the person I really love. I smile every time I think about you. I get jealous when you hang out with other guys even though I know you’d never do anything with them. I love you. I will always love you. I will always want to love you. I will always stay by your side forever. I’ve never been this loyal to anyone before, so I want to make sure I back that up with my actions as well as my words. So far I’ve been good and doing that. I just need to make sure it stays that way, which shouldn’t be hard as long as I don’t overthink anything. If I do overthink things and I walk away, please don’t leave. Please don’t love anyone else. I’m coming right back to you, because that’s where I’m supposed to be. That’s where I always want to be. With you. When I show you all of these, I hope you’ll love them. I love you. More than anything.


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