Rest Love.

As I lay here wide awake,

Tears run down and my hands begin to shake.

But no matter how much my heart begins to ache,

There is no amount of pain I can not take.

You have helped me to discover me,

You made me realize what I want to be.

Now there is one thing that I know for sure,

I will love you forever more.

Those tears that fell our last day together,

Were a sign that our bond will last forever.

Two hearts destined to become one,

Love that can never be undone.

When we are together it’s like a dream.

I will never let anything come between,

What you and I are working to build,

We will not stop until our dreams are fulfilled.

You have been given my heart,

You’ve had it from the very start.

Our love is like a work of art,

I pray that nothing ever tears us apart.

No more fears or thoughts of dread,

I just wish you were in my bed.

Then we could hold each other under sheets,

And I could finally go to sleep.


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