You Are My Everything.

I’m sorry I’ve been freaking out so much lately. I really am, I just had to be sure and I am now. I love you. I never had any doubts about you, just about me. When I told you what I was thinking and read how you felt, that’s when I got it. When you called yourself naive for not having doubts I felt like I was starting to lose you right then. I feeling washed over me, telling me that if I don’t stop with the overthinking I’m going to lose you and then how would I feel? There is no reason to overthink us, because we are perfect. We have always been and we will always be. As long as I have the love of my life, everything will be alright. I’m going to marry you and we’re going to start a family together. That’s what I want to do with you. That’s what I pray for and that’s what I’m going to do. I love everything about you. You are everything to me. That’s why I’m never going anywhere. Distance makes me crazy, honestly it does. But I just have to learn how to deal with it better than I have been. I’m sorry for last night, it really helped me though. I love you. It won’t happen again.


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