To Myself.

You have what every man dreams of having. A Queen. I know you get scared sometimes because you don’t know who you will become. I know who you want to be. You want to be a great man. You want to be with her and only her and no one else. You want your love to last a lifetime and you believe she is the one. You love her, you adore her, and you don’t want to be with anyone else. You don’t want what you have to end. It won’t. Don’t leave her. She’s your bestfriend and everything you have ever wanted. Don’t let her go. Don’t change. The way you are now is who I want you to be forever. The you that loves her. The you that wants to be faithful to her always. The you that never wants to end the relationship because it is so much more than a relationship. This is something that will last forever and it makes you happy. This is as close to perfection as you will ever get. So please don’t let this go. Please. I’m begging you. Don’t let her go.


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