Just Thoughts.

I love this feeling I have. I’m so sure, I’m so confident about everything. I told my friend I want to marry you earlier. He was like, “You’re 19 bro!” I told him I’m really excited. He said, “I can tell cause you talk about it a lot…” When we talk about it I’m always so happy, cause I really want to have that with you. More than anything that’s what I want. There’s nobody I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. It’s so far away that I’m afraid my feelings will change or go away, but I honestly don’t think they will. I always want to be with you. I know I’m not supposed to think about these things. I know I shouldn’t worry about spending the rest of my life with you when it’s still just begun. I know, but I love you. Just you and only you. It took me awhile to figure everything out, but I have it now and now I just don’t want to lose it. You are my everything. My first and my last. The love of my life, and my future wife. I pray that we always stay together. Through college. Through anything. I love you. So very much.


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