I Wish I Had Met You Sooner.

I wish I had met you sooner. I’m glad I met you when I did, I would never change anything and I hope we stay together forever. I am going to love you always. Nothing is ever going to change that. I wonder if we became bestfriend’s Freshman year and started dating all throughout High School would we have stayed together. Would have been married right out of high school like some of your other friends. Honestly I would have loved that. If we met each other sooner and learned to always love each other no matter what at an earlier age, would this distance be easier than it already is. I wish you would have been my first…everything. You are my first love. You are the only girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. You are the only one I will love unconditionally and for the rest of my life. I wonder if I met you earlier how things would have been different. Im glad I met you when I did. After all the mistakes I made in the past. I’m glad I know better now and won’t make those same mistakes with you. I love you so much.


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