Thoughts (Laying in Bed)

I don’t want us to end. I’m excited thinking about us being together forever. Then I’m sad. I want to be with her so bad. All the time. Every minute of every day. She’s my bestfriend. The love of my life. The one. I’m learning to live without her now, I hate it but it’s necessary. I try to add things in my life, my friends, school, family, video games, anything to grow into the man she needs. I love her. Only her. I don’t want to love anyone else but her. I hate not seeing her. I feel like it’s getting to me sometimes. When I think about being without her, it’s not because I don’t love her, or don’t want to be with her, I don’t know why I do it because I really don’t want to ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. So I need to grow. I have to become more than I am. I can’t give up, not even for a moment. My faith will never go away. Neither will my love for her. I love her unconditionally and eternally. I always will.


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