My First, Hopefully Only, Love.

I’ve had crushes before. I’ve had girlfriends before. I’ve had lovers before. I have never been in love like I am in love with her. I hope we stay together forever. I hope we are married. I hope we start a family and our children are beautiful. I hope I can make her happy for the rest of her life. It is so scary. Finding the person you want to spend forever with and not being able to be with them physically for months at a time while you’re away at college. You hope things don’t change. You pray your feelings always stay the same. You hope your partner never goes looking for another, or even stumbles onto another. I hate not seeing you. I hate the fear. I hate the doubts. I hate the distance. I love you more than I hate all of that. I love you more than I love breathing. I love you. You are my bestfriend. The love of my life. My future wife. My family. You are a part of my family and you will always be. I want to spend every second of every minute with you until I am no more. That’s what I want and what I want will never change. I love you. Please never leave my side.


6 thoughts on “My First, Hopefully Only, Love.

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