Going Back To Church.

I don’t know what it was about going to church today, maybe I just need God to put things in perspective and help me get what I’m trying to achieve, with you and in life. I don’t know if I always believed in The Lord. I’ve questioned my faith sometimes. It’s not something proud of, because I truly love God or at the very least I want to always love God. I thought about you. The way I feel about you is sort of similar. Actually it’s really similar. I will always love you. I want to always love you. I don’t want to worry, or doubt, or be with anyone else. I will always love God. I want to always love God. I want to put him first, because I know if I do that everything between us will go how I want it to. At least I hope so. I thought about marrying you again. It made me happy. It always does. I thought about how God loves me and it’s unconditional. That’s the kind of love I have, and want to have, for you. I’ll put in the work. I’ll change. I’ll grow. I’ll do it all. To love God and to love you. That’s what would make me happiest, is making God and you happy.

I love you.

More than anything.


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