A Dark Part of My Heart.

Insecurities can ruin relationships and show the person you love the ugliest parts of who you are. Maybe not so much the insecurities, because we all have them, but how we decide to deal with them. Trust is mine. It is very hard for me to trust anyone. I think that’s one the biggest things I had to work on in order to stay with her for the rest of my life. Trusting her even though she is 560+ miles away. I do without a doubt. That doesn’t mean it’s easy all the time for me. I can’t trust people with certain things. I trust her with everything. I think my biggest thing is that I get jealous sometimes. It’s usually far and inbetween but I do. I hate it because it means you feel threatened. So I just try to get rid of it entirely. Sometimes it’s nice to know that the person you love gets jealous over you. It means they care, and if I’m being honest I hate when she hangs out with any dude that’s not me, but that’s going to happen and it’s not a problem. I just wish it was me. That’s the biggest reason I don’t hang out with girls at school. I don’t want her to feel like that. I’ll get through it. I love her so it won’t be a problem.


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