My Family.

It’s nice being around my family again. All of my family. My NaNa is home and she is my favorite person. We’ve always been close and when I saw her I felt like I was going to cry. Uncle is my buddy. He always has been and always will be. Then there’s my mommy, that’s who I’m closest to. We may fight and we may not be the best of friends all the time, but we will always love each other. She has my back more than anyone else, with the exception of maybe one person. I’ve had friends that have come and gone, girlfriends that have come and gone, but they will always be here for me. I feel like friendships and some relationships are conditional. They can be ended with one mistake or a bad fight, sometimes they just end for no real reason at all. My family doesn’t have that. I’ve done something’s I shouldn’t have before, but they will always love me and make sure I realized the mistakes I was making. That’s why I love my family. There’s nothing conditional about how feel about each other. Nothing at all. I hope they’re with me for a very long time.


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