This girl always looks at me here at school. I knew her from back home, I knew her before I knew Nicole and we talked Freshman year in High School. Her name is Gabby. She always stares at me and she doesn’t think I see her but I do. She does it at Cru and she did it today in our Link meeting.

She’s just a friend as far as I’m concerned. I should probably stop ignoring her and acknowledge her, or maybe I should keep doing what I’m doing. I not really sure. I don’t mind hanging out with other girls here because I’m genuinely not interested in them. I’ve been trying to make more friends here and I’ve actually been pretty successful. One of the girls from that party recognized me and said hi to me today which was nice. I can be fine with relationships like that with other girls. That’s what I’m looking for here.

I have no problems being friends with any female as long as that’s as far as the relationship goes. My friend calls me “The Man of Many Hoes” here at school, because when he’s around girls I know always say hi to me. It’s annoying haha.

I honestly don’t want any. I feel like I have someone that will always be with me and that’s who I want to be with. No one else. So I’ll just talk to Gabby and be friends with her. That’s all.


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