Thoughts Before Bed.

Not talking to her at all puts things in perspective. Without communication I’m forced to really rely on my feelings, and I’m glad to know that what I feel, and also what I want, is very real.

I’ve never felt this way about anybody. I have never felt like I really cared for and loved another person that was not family, and I feel that for Nicole. I really, genuinely love her. I feel like I could never be with anybody else. There’s so many things that I want for us, beyond the marriage and kids thing I always talk about.

I miss spending time with her. I miss our bond that we have because we’re bestfriends. I miss building something that we both know won’t go away. I miss all of those things and more. I’m really excited to see her so we can pick up where we left off. Until then, I have school to focus on.


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