Thoughts After Bible Study.

Tonight in bible study we talked about being sexually pure. I want to say it changed me, but then I would be lying. It confirmed how i felt about me and Nicole. I do not know what other people’s definition of sexually purity is, you may not even believe in saving your body for the person you marry and that is fine if that is what you believe, I do know what the Bible says and what believe to be true.

The Bible says sex is meant for two people within the covenant of marriage. If two people have sex and they are not married it is considered a sin. If that is what is written then that is what is written and it is true. That is not what I feel though. Whenever I’m with Nicole, it feels pure. That’s who I am connected to. She is the one I know I’m going to marry. Right now I have no doubts about that. That’s why it feels so different, it feels right. I have no idea what God’s plan is for us, however, I feel as though his plan has us being together always. If he needs me to refrain from doing anything with her until marriage, at bible study I felt more than ready to do that. I still do.

I love bible study because it always finds a way to help me in my life. I feel like the message we study always relates to something I’m currently dealing with. I’m grateful for it.


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