Grow Up.

I’m grateful for my religion class. I truly am. It made me question who I am and what I truly believe in. More than anything it made me less afraid to change and as a result I believe I am better for it. The class itself was fun, but the conversation I had with my professor was the begin of an epiphany.

Be the man you want to become right now.

I had this idea that you go through this dramatic, life changing experience and then you become a man. That’s not how it works. You just do it.

I want to have things. I want to be a part of things. I want to achieve things. I want to share my life with Nicole and start a life with her. I want to do well in life so I can take care of her. There’s things I don’t need and things I do need. I need her in my life and I need to do better.

I used to be afraid of changing. Now it’s all I’m going to do.


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