Work and Stuff! 😁

I love working. I love making money really, but the guys at work make lifting stuff all day really fun. The money’s not bad at all. $9.50 an hour is the most I’ve ever been paid before, and the work is pretty easy. It can be very physically taxing, especially those days we have to unload semi trucks, but I like that a lot too because it’s like working out for seven hours.

Most of the guys are really cool. Greg, Justin, Devonte and McKenzie are all temps like me. Then there’s the guys that actually work here like Steve, Jim, Latrell and Kevin. I’ll be honest, some of them are dicks. They say and do things I don’t agree with at all, but for the most part I like who I got stuck with for the Summer.

School’s been going well too. Economics is a very easy class so I should get an A. I’m thinking about taking another class so I can boost my GPA a little bit more. I’m still not sure if I want to go back to OU or not. I still want to join the army, but I haven’t done anything with that yet. I’ll talk about it some other time. Right now I just want to enjoy being around my family, friends and Nicole, make some money and have fun. I feel like things are going to change soon, and I have to keep moving forward along with them. I want to make this Summer count before all of that has to happen. ✌️


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