I am grateful for you, because it seems that as the days go by I get closer to you. I know you are real. I know you exist. I know you are watching over me and I know you expect better from me as a follower of Christ. I thank you for everything you have blessed me with and I love you unconditionally.

I see the person I was meant to become and the life that I want to live. Belief in something that can’t be seen is difficult for some people, and I understand why. It becomes a lot easier when it can be felt and you realize that what you are looking for is right in front of you and all around you everyday. It is the easiest to feel God, for me, when I pray to him at night alone in my room. Sometimes I’ll say a traditional prayer like the “Our Father” and I may say a “Hail Mary” one of these days, but for the most part I just have a conversation. I talk to The Lord about my sins, I talk to him about what I want to work to have. I talk to him about how I want to change into a better man and person.

I ask for things too, like anyone that prays, but I like to work to have those things too. I ask for peace of mind. I ask for him to keep people in my life for as long as live. I ask him to help me succeed. I ask him to keep Nicole in my life for as long as I’m alive. The most important thing I ask him for, which allows me to have all the things I asked for, is to follow his word and always strive to follow in his footsteps.

I’m happy I’ve really found my faith, now I just have to make sure it grows and never wavers.


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