Graduation Party.

I’m at my friend Deshaun’s Graduation party and I have a minute so I’m posting. I like the music and everything. It’s a nice vibe evade there’s a lot of church people here. Joe is next to me slobbering over a girl here and dancing so I’m entertained.

I saw Ashley and a few other people I knew. I just wish the food was done so I can eat! I’m starving haha. It’s good to be around people and catch up. It’s nice. One of the girls I went to grade school with had a baby now! So that’s different haha.

I have class work that I have to finish before the day is up. Just my exam and that’s it. After that I’m free to do whatever I want. I’ll probably post a little more. There’s a few things I want to say. See you then. ✌️


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