My Day Yesterday.

I just saw the new Transformers movie and it was AMAZING. It was also three hours long…but it was still AMAZING. Let me start at the beginning of my day though ha ha.

I woke up yesterday and mowed the lawn. I love cutting the grass, something about it is so peaceful to me. I even made it a mini workout because I would squat down and extend and lock my arms so I could only push it with my legs. It was great and I was actually sweating a lot. I picked up so weeds and dirt that Uncle had torn out of the ground too. Yard work is therapeutic in a way. I see why Nana loves gardening so much. Hopefully Nicole and I can have a garden one day.

Then Uncle and I went to go get our haircut. We get one together every week and have been since I was like two years old. Don has been my barber from pretty much day one, my auntie Rochelle’s boyfriend Johnny cut my hair a couple times and so has my Uncle Wayne, but Don is my barber and always will be. Don and I usually just talk about sports, but today his friend Robin came over and the conversation was slightly different…

We were talking about sex and relationships. At first it was weird because I had never been around when they would talk about stuff like this, or I didn’t understand what was going on so now that I was a part of it, it was kind of cool. It was also pretty embarrassing for like two seconds, then I just thought it was cool.

Everything we talked about made me think about Nicole. Like when they said I should have four girlfriends right now haha. I don’t want that. Honestly, I’m never going to want that. People tell me all the time that it’s about dating as many people as you can, but I don’t like that. I want to be with person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, and I only want to be with one person. I’ve found that person. It was still great to listen in on everything. Robin is very real. One of the things she said that stuck with me was, “If a woman really has your back, you know because she’ll let you know. She supports you. She puts up with you, and she won’t leave you. If you find a good woman, keep her around.” She also said some things about sex that I liked. Not positions and stuff haha, just things that I really took to heart about waiting and love and friendship. I’m glad she was there.

I really miss Nicole. Talking to her makes me miss her more. I can’t wait to hear about her trip. We had a conversation today and it’s important to me that I get to spend the night with her. More than once. I want us to be able to go to sleep and wake up next to each other. I’m not going to rush it, or anything, with her. It’ll happen when the time is right. Until then, I just want to love her and always be with her. I hope she knows I will always be with her.

Finally, me and my big sister Queen went to go see the new Transformers movie in 3D. As far as action movies go, it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It’s storyline wasn’t as interesting as Edge of Tomorrow, but the action scenes were one hundred times better. The theater we were at had these leather recliner seats and they were the most comfortable thing ever. I want to take Nicole to see a movie there, I think she’d have a really good time.


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