I’ve never talked about cheating since I’ve been with Nicole, I’ve never thought about cheating on her and I am not ever going to. It’s a scary thought to me and I want to talk about it so I never have to worry about it again.

I’m human, so maybe it’s natural for me to be curious. Maybe it’s normal for me to be attracted to other girls, the thing is, I’m not and I don’t want other girls.

Cheating is an irrational fear that I have. I believe that it’s coming from my real fear, which is commitment, sort of. I want to spend the rest of my life with Nicole, I am going to one day and I’m certain about it. I just worry about things that can go wrong, because I don’t want them to. That’s the most terrifying thing to me, losing her. My life is so much better now that she’s in it. I don’t want that to ever change at all.

I love her too much to lose her or let her ever walk away. I can’t ever lose her.


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