There once was a man that had it all.

With so much power he felt above the law.

Money, power, women, he seemed on top,

The only problem is that it never stops.

One million isn’t enough, he has to have two.

He has to have more, so he’ll never be through.

He has two cars, and now he wants four.

Never satisfied, he has to get more.

First one girl, then two girls and now even three,

Pretty soon he’ll have enough to give to you and me.

Not matter how much he gained or how much he was blessed,

This lust still remained even when nothing was left.

No cars, no money, his lust left him ruined.

This constant obsession was his own undoing.

There’s only one downside when you want it all,

The higher you can climb, the further you can fall.


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  1. That was really nice. Esp. Towards the end. Can you give is the update on Nicole? You haven’t written anything about you both. And I’m sure a lot of your followers want to know the update!

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