What I’ve Been Thinking Lately.

I haven’t really written about Nicole and I. I always post something about our Anniversary so I’m not really counting that right now. It’s very important, don’t misunderstand, and I am expecting a lot more anniversary posts in the distant and not so distant future, but this is different.

I love her, and she’s the one I want to always be with. Being with someone forever might seem like I fallacy to some people, especially the way people are now a days, but I really believe we have that kind of love. I’m sure about it and that’s the biggest reason I’m a lot more comfortable with the distance than I was last year. I trust that she’s always going to be there and she’s always going to love me and only me. Is it scary sometimes? Of course. Anything can happen I suppose. There’s no guarantee she will stay with me through anything and everything. I have faith in her and us. I believe we will be together forever and I pray every night we will be. That’s something I want to have with her and only her. It might not seem realistic but I honestly don’t care. I’m going for it.

Distance isn’t enough for me to stop being in love with her. Neither is both of us being busier than we’ve ever been. We can’t talk as much as we did in the Summer, but we can talk everyday and that’s something. I just don’t want anything to happen, because I really do love her. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what I’m always going to love her. Whether everything works the way we want it to or not, I’m always going to love her and be there for her. Unfortunately, I have to be ready for the “It might not work out the way we hope” part.

I wish that she would always be mine no matter what we went through. No matter the distance or anything else that may follow in the future. I hope she’s the one that always stands by me, like I will always stand by her. Come hell or high water, I hope we would always be with each other and ready to take on whatever came our way. That’s what I want for us. I want us to have that kind of love that never goes away and only gets stronger as time goes on. That’s what I pray for a lot. You can ask God. He knows.

I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. Hopefully it will all work out the way I want it to. I’m pretty sure it will.


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