I don’t post about God very often. Well not directly. I thank him for Nicole a lot, but I don’t post about him or my journey in finding my faith. I want to change that, at the very least for tonight.

I’ve always believed there was a God. I’ve always thought there was something greater, something more important, something I could feel but couldn’t see. That’s been God this entire time, the Holy Spirit too.

I always thought it was some kind of super power when I was little haha. I always thought I was different and had something else inside of me. I never really knew what it was, plus I have a crazy imagination so I always thought it was a spirit or something anyway. I’m grateful for it, even if I didn’t know what it was.

I love God. I’m grateful to God for everything he’s done for me, and all things he has planned for me. I’m going to repay all the blessings he’s bestowed upon me, and I want to make him proud of his disciple.


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