We Can’t Talk But It Doesn’t Change Anything: Life’s Still Great. We’re Still Great.

I’m having a lot more fun in college than I was last year. I have a lot more friends and I do a lot more now than I ever did last year. I’m happy here now, and that’s good. The baseball team is really cool, for the most part. The girls on the track team in my hall are nice too. Some of them are a little too sensitive, but they’re goofy and it’s a good time being around them. I love the guys in Cru too. I’m learning about discipling from Matt and it makes me nervous because I don’t like talking to random people I do not know. I’m making it a priority to get over that fear though, because I can’t serve the Lord to the best of my ability if I can’t spread his word effectively. It’ll help me in other areas of life too. So hopefully I can do a better job of it.

My courses are going really well too for the most part. I’m having an issue in my art class that needs to be resolved, but other than that I am doing pretty well. I like going to class and I like doing well in college. I’ll be honest though, I’m not buying into college being “The Best Years of Your Life!”. I think that’s bullshit. Why should the best years of my life be between the ages of 18-22? Life has just started. College isn’t even real life. I never get too hyped about anything here, I’m looking to get a foundation for me to start a great career while I am here. Not party or get blackout drunk or do drugs or any of that other stuff people do here. That might make me lame or too serious or whatever, but I’m perfectly alright with that honestly.

I’m pledging in a fraternity next semester! It’s not what you expect though. I don’t like social frats. I’m not the frat boy type and I never will be. A lot of them are assholes. Not all of them, some of the guys I know are actually pretty cool, but a lot of them are and I’d rather not be associated with that. I’m pledging in Sigma Alpha Sigma Mu, which is the first Sports Management Fraternity of it’s kind. I have to get my grades up first, but after I do that I’m going to pledge. I’m willing to do (almost) anything to get a job in professional sports, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in. God willing I’ll be able to. He’s brought me this far with everything, he’ll keep me going.

I miss Nicole everyday. She’s pledging in a sorority right now and we’re not able to talk as much. It’s not ideal, not her pledging, I’m happy for her and I want her to be a sister, not being able to talk sucks. It doesn’t change anything at all though, we have our whole lives to be able to talk. The best way I can show her I will always love her and I will always support her is to talk to her when I can and let her know I’m with her every step of the way. She said her biggest fear is that we’ll grow apart because we can’t talk. I don’t see that happening at all, at the very least not on my end. She apologies a lot for not being able to talk, there’s not really a reason for it.  I want to see her succeed and do well. That’s what I want for her. As long as she doesn’t quit or drop I won’t have a problem. As long as she doesn’t let the sorority change how she feels about us I’ll be perfectly fine. I feel like she should know I’m not going anywhere by now. I’m not ever going to. Even when things get harder. She’s too significant for that. God didn’t bring us this far for us to ever stop being together or being in love with each other. I honestly believe that.

I know everything is going to work out for the best, and I know that I’ll get everything I need. Hopefully I will get everything I want to.


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