I couldn’t agree more.

World map, cheap coffee and cigarettes

I just saw a girl’s tweet about how her boyfriend is the jealous type and how lucky she is. Girl is crazy but it got me thinking what is love and do I want that kind of love?


Love. I don’t know where to start. What IS love? What do I know about love? I wouldn’t recognize love of it hit me. Is love really a complicated thing? Or are we the ones who makes it complicated?

I have loved before and lost that love. I WAS crazy, LOVE CRAZY WOMAN, I tell ya. I was the green eyed monster, I wanted that love to revolve around me and only me. Love lied, so I did not trust that love anymore. Forgive and forget was not in our vocabulary. It was a consuming, selfish, trust less kind of relationship.. and it HAD to end. It was bound to end…

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