God Has Control.

Last night I was at my weekly Man of Action Group, it’s for all the male leaders in Cru, and we talked about surface sins and heart idols. Surface sins being the sins we commit everyday, such as lying or hurting others, and heart idols being the reason why we commit these sins. There were about 8 heart idols we talked about, but the one that stood out to me is control because I struggle with it every single day. 

I’m not controlling, but there are certain situations where I feel like I need to have control of things I have absolutely no control over. I do it because, I don’t want bad things to happen and I don’t want to be hurt. So I’ll worry and I’ll get down on myself, because things may not go how I want them too.

We talked about it, and I realized there’s absolutely nothing I can do about the things I can’t control and that it’s completely up to God. As much as that might scare me, or anyone like me, it’s the truth. God knows what he is doing and he knows what’s best for me. If I can’t trust anyone else, I can trust him. So last night was the last time I will worry or get scared or doubt anything that is not in my control. I will leave those things up to him.


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