It’s Lit.

Yesterday was just what I needed. 

My family from Georgia came up to Cleveland this weekend so we could all get together and have a good time in some nice weather. They usually only come in the Spring or Summer because they can’t stand the cold, and honestly I don’t blame them at all. 

I love when my family gets together. It’s good seeing how everyone changed, how/what they’re doing and just being around the people you love. We had this huge cookout yesterday at my Aunt Vickie’s house and it was good to see everyone.

That was just the beginning of what turned out to be a great night. My cousin Torrelle and I were planning to go to an All Black Party with some of our cousins, we went to the mall to get outfits and everything, but we decided to go to two different parties instead. The all black party wasn’t really our scene and I’m glad we didn’t go. 

We stopped at one of T’s friends places and played a game of beer pong. We got down to the last cup but we couldn’t close the game out, that became a theme throughout the night unfortunately…

One thing that really bothered me was that this girl and her boyfriend were at the party with us along with a group of people T knows, and she was letting other guys grab her boobs and stuff while he was there. That would have never gone down if it were me and I could never be with someone that would flat out disrespect me right in front of my face. 

After that we went to T’s friend Corbin’s house. I had a great time. I had my own bottle of Crown Royal Apple and it quickly became my favorite drink. It has a great taste and is really smooth. I didn’t drink a lot of it, I enjoyed it though. We all played beer pong until and did silly things, like jump from the top of a garage into a pool, until about 5 in the morning. I had such a great time.

That wasn’t even the best part though! Today we got up at 9 this morning and played flag football. I got a sack! We lost the game 2-0 in overtime but I still had a great time. 

All in all, it’s been a really great weekend. 

  Before we went to the family function. 😂 

 This was hilarious. 😂

  Going to Dave & Busters. We’re silly if you haven’t guessed by now. 


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